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Two new partners joined us in October

October 2017

We are glad that in addition to client interest towards our services, Baker Tilly Baltics is an attractive cooperation partner in our field. Two new partners joined us in October.

Taivo Epner, a well known certified public accountant in Estonia and Ursula Noorväli, an experienced accounting services provider to lead the same function in Baker Tilly Baltics.

With the help of Taivo we can see an opportunity to grow and provide high quality auditing service. Ursula has been with us over a year and has established a working accounting service business line.

 Message from Taivo: “I am happy to join Baker Tilly Baltics and to contribute to firm’s development and growth with my long experience in the field. Baker Tilly Baltics has good specialists to cooperate with to create value to our new and existing clients. It is important to be part of an international network that enables to reach for even more cooperation partners.”

 Message from Ursula: “H.Hesse said that every strong person will certainly achieve what he/she truly desires. As it shows I have had a big desire to build accounting services department for Baker Tilly. There is still lot more to do that in turn motivates to achieve even more. I have many good ideas, supporting team and big urge to create and achieve.”